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EPX Series Constant Current Electro-Plater

The EXP series comes in single station or dual station versions. These units are ideal for teaching or method development. the 0-3A and 0-30V power supply accommodates a wide range of solutions for maximum flexibility. For production work, see the EP series, here

Ra-226/228 via gamma spec changer

The Ra-228 changer is a combination of the shield from the standard G300 Marinelli changer system with the elevator from the a/B systems. The application is specific: Ra-228 analysis for drinking water based on a precipitated planchet sample. The internal component materials are specified and selected for minimum background contribution in the areas of interest for Ra-228. This system also offers a dry nitrogen or dead air purge system for sample storage to minimize the radon daughter contamination contribution.


The Bladewerx Sabre BZM is a lightweight, battery-powered, alpha air monitor that can be worn on the body, inside of protective garments and its sampling head clipped to the lapel. The proximity of the sampling head to the wearer’s mouth means more accurate breathing zone dose assessments.

  • WiFi wireless networking option
  • total spectral fitting for Rn compensation
  • Voice annunciation of status & dose for hands-free operation
  • DAC, DAC-Hr, and spectrum logging
  • Typical sensitivity of 1.5 DAC-h Chronic & 45 DAC-h Acute <1 false alarm/2000 h of operation

The Bladewerx Sabre ASC is a field deployable alpha sample counter that provides high-sensitivity alpha activity determinations on filters or swipes with real time compensation for radon-daughter background.

  • Activity and spectrum logging
  • Automatic min-count time determination
  • Live “strip chart” display of activity, MDA, action level, and elapsed time.


Spectrum Techniques License-Exempt Radioisotopes

Click here to go to Spectrum Techniques web site

(More to come ... .)

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