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Like all technical folks it seems we tend to develop our own language, especially when we are talking to ourselves. Acronyms are so common that even within the group we sometimes confuse each other. Some time back I found it convenient to start keeping a list for my own use and thought others may find it useful.

Additions, suggestions, and corrections are all appreciated and will be posted for the benefit of all. This is intended to be nuclear, health physics, radiation science, or radiation regulation oriented as opposed to a comprehensive list. For a comprehensive list you may find the website useful.

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AA - Atomic Absorption
AAHP - American Academy of Health Physics
ABHP - American Board of Health Physicists
ACADA - (Ah-Kay-dah) Auto Chem Agent Detector Alarm US Army Ni-63 source
AEC - Atomic Energy Commission OLD ref NRC
AECL -Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd
AERE - Atomic Energy Research Establishment - Harwell UK (see AWRE)
AFIOH - Air Force Institute Operational Health (Brooks)
AFRAT - Air Force Radiation Assessment Team
AFRI - Air Force Research Institute ( Md)
AFRRI (update)
AFIERA Air Force Institute Environmental (safety and occupational health ) Risk Analysis @ at Brooks
ALARA - As Low As Reasonable Achievable
AMUG - Air Monitor Users Group - DOE types, not vendor active
ANL - Argonne National Lab
ANS - American Nuclear Society
ANSI - American National Standards Institute
ANSI - N42-17B 50C-90% CAM specification
ANSTO - Australian Nuclear Science and Tech Organization
AMWTP - Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Plant (INEEL)
APS-600 - Westinghouse Advanced Power Station 600MW --- passive safety
ARAC - Atmospheric Release Advisory Capability (they can monitor and support a release)
ARIS - Advanced Radioisotope Identifier System (SAIC award)
ARPA - Advanced Research Projects Agency (see DARPA) Inter net work
ASC-II - American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASP - Advanced Spectroscopy Portal (HLS project) Las Vegas Test site
ASTM - American Society for Testing & Materials
ATLAS -Argonne Tandem Linac Accelerator System
A-TEAM - Advisory Team for Environmental Food and Health DHS, FDA, EPA make up
ATSDR Agency Toxic Substance Disease Registry CDC in ATL
ALI - Annual Limit of Intake (regulatory limit uptake in 1y ~2000DAC-hr)
AWRE - Atomic Weapons Research Establishment Aldermaston UK (see ARER)

BAA -Broad Agency Announcement - a way of advertising for proposals that they can then fund(WES info)
they build in a "requirement statement" that lets them sole source and send it out
BAFO - Best And Finial Offer

BAT - Best Available Technology
BBWI -Bechtel Babcox & Wilcox Idaho
BEIR Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation

BetaScint(1) - Wallac trade name for one of their LSC's
BrtaScint(2) - laminated B scintillation system for Sr in the enviro - company seems to have gone away
BGO - Bismuth Germinate ~197x
Bldg 3019 - ORNL U233 repository 1400Kg there was a U233 fuel cycle
BNFL - British Nuclear Fuels Ltd
Bq - Becquerel 1 dps 2.7E-11 curie
BNL - Brookhaven National Lab (LI NY)
BOMAB - WBC phantom Bottle Mannikin ABsorber
BWR - Boiling Water Reactor
BZM - Breathing Zone Monitors (Bladewrex product name)

CAARI - new name for the old small accelerator conf in Denton Tx
-Conference on Applications of Accelerators in Research and Industry
CAM - Continuous Air Monitor (typ ref for alpha but not necessarily)
CANDU - CANadian Deuterium Uranium reactor with heavy water moderator works on natural U
CAT - Consequence Assessment Team
CBAF - continuous Beam A.... Facility Now the Thomas Jefferson Accelerator Lab
CBIRF - U.S. Marine Corps Chemical Biological Incident Response
CBRNE -Chem- Bio-Rad-Nuclear-Explosive HLS term
CDC - Center for Disease Control feds ATL
CEA - equiv to French Atomic Energy commission at Saclay in France
CEBAF -Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility at Thomas Jefferson
CERCLA - Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation & Liability Act
CERO - - the fire at LANL in 00
CFR-XXX Code of Federal Regulations ## followed by section # see some number sections at end of list
CHP -Certified Health Physicist
CHPPM - Center for Health Promotion & Preventative Medicine
Ci - curie 3.7E10 dps originally the activity of 1g of Ra226
CIMET - nuclear research facility in Spain
CIRMS -Council Ionizing Radiation Measurements & Standards (mostly medical)
CITR -Center for International Threat Reduction (Y-12 DOE)
CL - Critical Level statistical level related to MDA - MDC
CNR Center for National Response
COTS -Commercial Off The shelf (GSA term)
CRADA - Cooperative Research and Development Agreements
CRCPD -Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors
CRDF - Civilian Research Defense Foundation (keep Russian scientist working)
CRQA - Central Rad QA EPA Vegas group
CsI - Cesium Iodide detector type
CSPAR -Center Space Plasma Astronomy research U Al Huntsville
CST Civilian Support Team 32 nationwide, homeland security see WMDCST
CTBT(O) - Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (Organization)
CTOS - Counter Terrorism Operations Support (Nv Test Site)
CZT - Cadmium Zinc Telluride xtal detector type
Curie - 3.7 E10 dps

D-38 - Depleted Uranium (238)
DAC -Derived Air Concentration (isotope specific, max conc for 8 hr workday see ALI)
DARPA - Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (was DNA)
DAIL - Diagnostic Instrument Analysis Laboratory Miss State group D&D
DEI -Dose Equivalent Iodine
Deja Moo -- A feeling that you have heard this bull before
DHS - Dept Homeland Security
DNA - Defense Nuclear Agency not DARPA
DNDO - Domestic Nuclear Detection Office HLS sub group
DL -Decision Level ref MDA 2.33 Sub B Sb = standard deviation or standard
DL - Detection Limits (in a drinking water sense)
DNFSB - Defnese Nuclear Facilities Safety Broad
DOE - Dept Of Energy (ref USDOE)
DOELAP - DOE Lab Accreditation Program
dps -disintegration per second see dpm
dpm --disintegration per minute see dps -
DP-42 -DOE HQ Office of Emergency Response DC
DRI -Desert Research Institute
DSP - Digital Signal Processing
DTRA -Defense Threat Reduction Agency
DU - Depleted Uranium U238 after extraction of U235
DWPF - Defense Waste Process Facility SRS - see Glass Plant
D19.04 -ASTM easier Methods for Radiochemical Analysis
D3648 -ASTM Std practice for Measurement of Radioactivity (19.04 came as a later subset)

E-meter a simple ref for looking at the 186 U-235 lines and ratio to the X-rays
requires a infinite thick sample to stabilize the self absorption of x-rays Pb-212 (238kev ) implies it has been in a reactor
EML - Environmental Measurement Laboratory was DOE now homeland security NYC
ENSDF - Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data File -- see NNDC
EPA - Environmental Protection Agency
ERAMS -USEPA Environmental Radiation Ambient Monitoring System - EBRRAR --Experimental Breeder Reactor - ARgonne West Idaho
escape peak -511 kev or 2x 511 from photo interaction. only for peaks >1022Kev pair production
ESTD - Engr Science Tech Div @ORNL
EPA-903.1 - Ra226 in water by 770-488-7046 precipitation with BaSO4 then the accumulation of Rn222 gas in a Lucas cell
- seal-able glass gas cell with ZnS inside - count on PMT housing Ra mostly
-alt sealed can for >21d and BI/Pb-214 via g-spec
eV - 1 electron volt

FAG -German Rad instrument company - now Thermo
FAR --Federal Acquisition Regulations
FDG - Fluorodeoxyglucose -- PET product N13 C11 is what you count in the stack after filters
FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency
FERMAC - Federal Radiological Monitoring Assessment Center
FERN - Food Emergency Response Network .... DOA/FDA program
FFA- -Federal Facilities Agreement with the state oversight guys)
FFTF - -Fast Flux Test Facility (Hanford Wash)
FORD - Fibber Optic Radiation Detector old PNNL name B4 NucSafe PUMA
FSAR Final Safety Analysis Report for NPP's
FUSRAP -Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program (46 sites 14 states)
FWHM - Full Width at Half Max
FWFM - Full Width at 1/50 Max
FWTM - Full width at 1/10 Max

GC - Gas Chromatograph
Glass Plant - SRS vitrification see DWPF
GANIL - the accelerator facility at Lourds FRANCE
GFA -type of filter paper LIS uses in its air CAMS
GTRI - Global Threat Reduction Initiative (collect SNM)
GM - Geiger - Mueller gas counter tube
Guardian Program - Homeland security for Military bases
GWAC -Government Wide Acquisition Contract - agency contract that can be similar to GSA

HEPA - High Efficiency Particulate Air (filter media)
HERL - Heavy Element Research Laboratory ( LBNL)
HEU - Highly Enriched Uranium typ 90%+ (ref LEU)
HFIR - High Flux Isotope Reactor (ORNL)
HLW - High Level Waste (implies short half life)
Hollow State Device - vacuum tube
HPGLC -High Pressure Gas Liquid Chromatography
HPIC - Health Physics Instrument Committee - at ORNL but has grown to whole DOE Nov05 Vegas
HPIL - Health Physics Instrument Laboratory - Cal facility at INEEL ( Harry Moody)
HPXe - High Pressure Xenon detector type
HPS -Health Physics Society
HgI - Mercuric Iodide detector xtal type 6.3g/cm3 2.1ev bandgap low temp vapor growth
HLS - HomeLand Security
HRIBF - Holifield Radioactive Ion Beam Facility
HSARPA - Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency ?
HMRU - Hazardous Material Response Unit (FBI)
HMS4 -Hold up Monitoring System 4 (ORNL)
HRM- - neutron pager from Custom/FBI
HSARPA - Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency
HUB Tx 8A program Habitually Underutilized Business

IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency (Vienna Austria)
IATA - International Air Transport Association (limits for shipping check sources)
ICPMS - Ion Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer
ICRP - International committee on Radiation Protection -30 and -60
IEEE - Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers
IEEE-1451 -Sensor net base also legacy for Rs232/485 outside of 1451
IEMA -Illinois Emergency Management Agency (Springfield old DOH)
IGORR -International Group On Research Reactors (1989 see TRTR)
IND - Improvised Nuclear Device (see RDD)
InDUHviduals - self explanatory
INEEL -Idaho national Engineering Environmental Lab
TRA - Test Reactor Area
INTEC Idaho Nuclear Tech Enviro Center
old CPP Chem Process Plant (developed the purex process)
CFA Central Facility Area
NRF Naval Reactor Facility
TAN Test Area North
SCM Specific Manufacturing Capabilities
In town
EROB Engr Research Office Bldg
IRC Idaho Research Center
WCB Willow Creek Bldg (Mgrs support etc
EBR-1 Experimental Breeder Reactor -1 (there must be >1?) LIS stacks
INIE - "In-E" Innovate Nuclear Infrastructure and Engineering (DOE support $ for TRTR reactors)
INL - Idaho National Labs - name after re organization in 04
IP-65 - European std for sealing electronics ref NEMA-4
IRMM - Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements Networks
ITRAP -(Illicit Trafficking Radiation Detection Assessment Program
ISOCS - CI term In-Situ Object Counting System (see LabSOCS)
ISO - International Standards Organization
ISTC - fed group that funds the Russian Scientists in Russia
ITRAP - Illicit Trafficking Radiation Detection Assessment Program
ITSC - International Science Technology Committee(keeps Russian weapon scientist employed)

JAERI -Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute
Johnston Atoll - chem weapons disposal incinerator 600 acre 800 mi SW of Hawaii ~4 ft max elev
JSC - Johnson Space Center (S or Houston Tx)
JSR12 -Neutron slab detector Jomar, 4x8ft 3 He3 at 4 atmosphere

KSC - Kennedy Space Center (Cape Caneraval Fla)

LabSOCS - Laboratory version of Canberra's ISOCS for math calibrations
LAMPRE - Los Alamos Molten Plutonium Reactor Experiment
LANL - Los Alamos national Lab
N-1 safeguards and security
N-2 Advanced Nuclear Technology
- HRS-4 Health Phy Measurements BioAssay
MS-888 in-vivo lab
LBNL - Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
LCS - Lab Control Samples QA for DOE NAVLAP
LD-50 lethal dose for 50% of recipients
LEHR - Laboratory for Energy-Related Health Research UC-Davis
LET - Linear Energy Transfer
LEU- -Low Enriched Uranium (natural to 90%)
LLD -Lower Limit of Detection ( ref MDA and MDC)
- Alt Lower Level Discriminator on electronics
LLNL - Lawrence Livermore National Lab Calif
LLW - Low Level Waste - implies long half life (ref HLW)
LMFBR -Liquid Metal Fast Breeder Reactor
LRM -Linear Radiation Monitors - Sensor |Technology design with CsI and He3 in a "rope"
LRRI - Lovelace Respiratory Research Inst in Albuq NM
ISRAP - Interagency Nuclear Safety Review Panel
Lucas Cell -ZnS coated glass container for alpha scintillation type Ra daughters
LWR - Light Water Reactor

MARLAP - Muti-Agency Laboratory Protocol manual
MARSSIM- -Multi Agency Radiation Survey Site Investigation Manual
MAXDOSE - airborne release population dose modeling program with pathways
MCAP- - some sore of DOE accreditation program
MCL - Max contaminant Level EPA drinking water use
MC&A - Material Protection Control & Accountability
MPC&A -Material Protection Control & Accountability *** sometimes MC&A
MEI - Maximum Exposed Individual
MEPhI - Moscow Institute of physics
MDA - Minimum Detectable Activity 4.65 s+2.76 Sqt(bkg)
MDC - Minimum Detectable Concentration
MOD - Ministry Of Defense UK
MOX facility - Mixed OXide facility at SRS - PU oxidize (ref PDCF) ready to run 08
MPC -Maximum Permissible Concentration
MTBF -Mean Time Between Failures

NAG - National Assessment Group - nuclear security
NaI - Sodium (Na) Iodide ~1948 scintillation detector
NAICS - North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) code for Ge detectors is 334517
NAMP - National Analytical Management Program
NAREC - National Atmospheric Release Advisory Center (EPA plume projection for everything)
NAREL - National Air Radiation Environmental Laboratory (Montgomery)
-MASB Monitor Analysis Service Branch
-ESB Environmental Studies Branch
NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NBR - Natural Background Rejection (thermo-ESM-FAG)
NBS - National Bureau of Standards -OLD ref NIST
NCSC - National Cargo Security Council not much rad
NDA - Nondisclosure Agreement
NECH - CDC group National Center Environmental Health
NEDA -National Electronic Distributors Association (NEDA) number
13A ( "D" cells), NEDA 14A ( "C" cells) 15A ( "AA" cells), or NEDA 904 (std 9 volt Sq with clips)
NELAC -National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference
NELAP -National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program
NEMA - National Electrical Manufactures Assoc
NEMA-4 - "hose down" equiv to IP65 European electrical enclosure spec
NESAPS - National Emergency Standards ??? Public -maybe "H" PS ?? 40CFR61 ORNL
NCRP -national Committee on Radiation Protection
NEST - National Emergency Search Team - LANL Andrews AFB and Vegas
NGNP -Next Generation Nuclear Power (past the WE AP600, gas cool, pebble bed type idea
NIEHS - National Institute Enviro Health Sciences EPA RTP
NIJ - National Institute Justice DC
NIOSH National Institute Occupational Safety & Health (CDC tie in)(also Cincinnati)
NIS-5 Safeguards, Science & Technology E-540------- at LANL =
NIS-6 -Advanced Nuclear Technology Group J-562 ------at LANL
NIST - National Institute of Standards & Technology (ref old NBS) (under US Dept Commerce)
Gaithersburg & Boulder Co total of ~4k people
NMC&A - Nuclear Material Control & Accountability
NMIS - Nuclear Materials Identification System
NNDC - National Nuclear Data Center (Brookhaven)
NNSA National Nuclear Security Administration
NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NORM --Natural Occurring Radioactive Material (see TENORM)
NOSC - something to do with the US Navy ref SPWAR
NPL - National Physical Laboratory (UK) web www. (Teddington, Middlesex...outside of London)
NPP - Nuclear Power Plant
NPT - Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons Treaty
NRC(1) - Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NRC(2) - National Response Center (Homeland security)
NRPB - National Radiological Protection Board UK
NRRPT -National Registry of Radiation Protection Technologist
NRTL - National Recognized Testing Laboratory(UL, CE, CSA, etc)
NSWC -Naval Surface Warfare Center
NTI -Nuclear Threat Initiative (Ted Turner/ Sam Nunn)
NUCCTEC -Nuclear Countermeasures Testing and Evaluation Complex
NUREG --NRC regulations ass issued
NVLAP -National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (ran out of NIST)
NWQL - Nat Water Quality Lab USGS Arvada Co

OGWDW - Office of Ground Water Drinking Water -USEPA
ORIA - office research indoor air EPA Vegas
Oklo - U mine in West Africa where first evidence of a natural reactor was found
OPAL - Open Pool Australian Light water research reactor open for business 06
ORDELA - Oak Ridge DEtector LAboratory
ORELA Oak Ridge Electron Linear Accelerator
ORIA - Office Radiation Indoor Air (EPA - Vegas))
ORISE - Oak Ridge Institute of Science & Education
ORNL - Oak Ridge National Lab ( Oak Ridge Tn )
OSC - On Site Coordinator -- homeland security, they have meetings(EPA)
OSRP - Off-site Source Recovery Program (out of LANL)

PAG - Protective Action Guidelines, HLS term for 1st responders
25R in 95 hr Pu at 9--pC/g re-suspendable
Pager-S -customs supplied gamma pager from Calif
pair production - photon interactions in mater B and B+ produced, requires 1022 or greater incident photon
part of Compton interaction and photo electric
Pathfinder - small NP P in Sioux Falls, closed in 67, 62Mw BWR
PBMS - Performance Based Methods Selection
PBSA - Performance-Based Services Acquisition fed Purchasing jargon
PC or P:C - Peak to Compton ration for gamma spec, detector parameter
PCM - Eberline Personal Contamination Monitors
PDCF - Pit Disassembly & Conversion Facility SRS (ref MOX facility)
PET - Positron Emission Tomography (e+ 511kev )
PETE - polyethylene
PEMCO - ??
Pelindaba - South Africa weapons site - later cleaned up IAEA
PERALS - Photon Electron Rejection Alpha Liquid Scintillation (Ordela)
PGAA _ Prompt Gamma Activation Analysis (at NIST)
PGDP -Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant (Paducah Ky)(ref USEC)
PH504 - a Ra228 method ref RA05
PI - Principle Investigator (SBIR term)
PINS - Portable Isotopic Neutron Spectroscopy INEEL
PNNL - Pacific Northwest National Lab
PolySin - Harshaw trick for reconstituted ground up NaI so that it takes temp shocks
PTFE - surface loading filter for CAMs
PUMA - PUtonium Monitoring and Assessment NucSafe boron fiber tech name
Purex -process for separation of U and Pu form spent fuel Plutonium Uranium Extraction
PVT - PolyVinyl Toluene

QAP -Quality Assurance Program

R&IE - Radiation Indoor Environments EPA Vegas
RA05 - a Ra228 method (Brooks and Blanchard) ref Ph504
RAP Radiological Assistance Program -- 8 areas, see Ed Maples notes for list
3 teams per site, 7 people team - always a PR official
RCRA --(has to do with metals)
RDD -Radiological Dispersieve Device(see IND)
RealNET - radiological Emergency Analytical Laboratory Network
Redstone - Redstone Arsenal Huntsville Ala (NASA work)
REM - Roentgen Equivalent Man
REMP - Radiological Environmental Monitoring Program (NPP) (see RETS)
RERT - Radiological Emergency Response Team (EPA)
RESRAD -population dose modeling program
RETS -Radiological Effluent Technical Specification (NPP ref)(see REMP)
RFETS - Rocky Flats Enviro Technology Site (used in e-mail)
RFID -Radio Freq ID for identifying trucks thru scales with TSA databases
RGA -residual Gas Analyzer - vacuum people equip
R&IENL - EPA group--- Rad and Indoor Environmental National Lab
RSL Remote Sensing lab -Bechtel Nevada Nellis AFB
RSO - Radiation Safety Officer
RTG -Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators Typ Pu-238 dioxide (RTGs) t-1/2=87y
ROSC - Rad Opps Support Center @SRS

SAM - BNC 935
SAM - NE's Small Article Monitor
SBIR - Small Business Innovative Research Grants see STTR
SCMRE - NIST facility with NAA - Smithsonian Center for Materials Research and Education
SCRIBE - EPA system standard for data manaement and exchange
SDWA - Safe Drinking Water Act
SETA Scientific Engineering Technical Analysis assoc with DARPA
Sensor Net US wide system for monitoring (mini mass spec for chem and viral (not bi-directional) IEEE 1451+legacy
SLD -Second Line of Defense, Portal monitors at non US ports, ran by US Customs
SMO - Sample Management Office LANL
SMUD - Sacramento Municipal Utility District (old Rancho Seco NPP)
SNAEP - Symposium of North East Accelerator Personnel conference
SNM -Special Nuclear Material ---- for U >20% enrichment fissionable HEU and Pu
SNM -Society of Nuclear Medicine
SPAWAR - Navy group San Diego SPAce and naval WARfare command San Diego, Charleston
SPIE - meeting of sorts
SPRT - Sequential Probability Ratio Test data streams, gaussian, test if mean is up/down/ variability up/down
SRM - Special Reference Material NIST program
SRNL - Savannah River National Lab (Aiken SC)
SRS - Savannah River site (ref SRNL)
SRNL - Savannah River national Lab (replaces SRS for bldg 773
Stochastic - effects are proportional to dose without a threshold, non-stochastic only apply above threshold usually high
STTR - Small Business Technology Transfer R ??? see SBIR
SWOT - Strength - Weakness - Opportunities- Threats
SWPF - Salt Waste Production Facility @ SRS feeds DWPG low act organics and high act aqueous

TEF -Tritium Extraction Facility (SRS)
TENORM - Technically Enhanced NORM (see NORM) mining-milling-or process concentrated
TEOTWAWKI - (The End of the World As We Know It
TIMS - Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry
TJNAF - Thomas Jefferson Nuclear Accelerator Facility ,( Newport News Va - see CEBAF)
TLD Thermos Luminescence Dosimeter
TNT -TriNirto Toluene
Transite -bldg/siding material contains non-friable asbestos
TRIGA - General Atomics teaching reactors
TRI-Nav - for container tracking GPS/Loran/internal guidance
TREVA - DOE a-spec ref GP counting
TRTR - Test Research & Training Reactors 1976 see IGORR
TSA Transportation Security Administration- new post 9/11
TSCA - Toxic Substance Control Act
TSWG - Technical Support Working-Group - SBIR/DARPA type thing for the spooks
ttfn - Ta Ta For Now
TUNL - Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory (Duke Univ)
Type 1 error - not finding a true positive
Type 2 error - finding a false positive
Type 3 error - right answer to the wrong question

USEC US Enrichment Corp the PGDP etc some K-25 centrifuge earlier
USPHS - US Public Health Service (uniformed service)
UREX+ - U extraction process on spent fuel - + version develop at Argonne
URL - Universal Resource Locator (web slang)

Vit-Plant - Vitrification - Richland Wash equiv o the SRS Glass Plant but much larger

WEAC - FDA lab in Winchester Mass Winchester Engineering and Analytical Center
WEEE - Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment - EU directive ban Pb by 1/1/04
WHO - World Health Organization
WIPP - Waste Isolation Pilot Plant NM
WMDCST -Weapons Mass Destruction Civil Support Team
WNSL - Wright Nuclear Structure Lab @ Yale Univ
West Valley - is that part of the "Tanawanda NY deal"? clean up site

YAP - Yttrium Aluminum Perovskite -- Ce dope a new scintillator
fast, PMT mounted NEW! HV typ- needed typ

10CFR830 facility requirements applies to DOE / amount-type of activity
9975 only DOE approved Pu shipping container (ref 3013 container)
3013 standard storage can (double container inner and outer 50yr fits 9975
convenience can may be used inside the other two
N42-17B ANSI CAM specification 50C-90%
903.1 EPA - Ra226 in water BaSO4 then the accumulation of Rn222 gas in a Lucas cell
- seal-able glass gas cell with ZnS inside - count on PMT housing Ra mostly
-alt sealed can for >21d and BI/Pb-214 via g-spec


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