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How Can a Rep Help Me?

Question: How is a Rep good for me?

Answer: A representative (Rep) is focused, first and foremost, on cultivating and maintaining a good, long-term relationship with his clients. This involves looking out for your best interest Ė first. Naturally, he is also loyal to his principals and interested in building long-term relationships with them. A Rep works for you and his principals to make sure that every situation is a "Win-Win" for both parties Ė not one-sided and advantageous just for the company.

Question: How is a Rep different from a company, or direct, salesman?

Answer: The direct sales employee is there to help clients but their first loyalty is to the company that pays them every month. They have to sell what their company makes, even if it is not the best solution for the customer. A Rep works with multiple principals and can choose the best solution for you, irrespective of who provides it.

Question: But donít Reps turn over more than company salesmen?

Answer: Actually, no! Reps do turn over principals, as they tailor their product offerings to the needs of their customer set. Also, most Reps started out as a company salesmen with one of the large companies.

Question: Is my Rep going to be around when I REALLY need him?

Answer: Most successful Reps are old gray beards with many years of experience in the industry. They know you, their clients, and you know him. Reps know how necessary it is to cultivate and maintain long-term relationships with you and this means being there when needed. Also, since they have been in the business a long time, they can tell you the best place to go to solve your measurement problem if they canít provide you with a solution.

Question: Isnít a large company going to have a solution better suited to my needs?

Answer: Not necessarily! In general, smaller companies are more innovative, faster on their feet and provide a better value to you than larger companies. Your Rep will have worked hard, over the course of many years, to represent companies that consistently provide the best measurement solutions to you. Of course, if your Rep canít provide what you really need, he will tell you which company where to go to get your best deal.

Question: Will my Rep shoot straight with me?

Answer: Especially if he has been around for some time, yes! Reps serve a vital policing action on the industry. If there is an bad principal or company that does not conduct itself to the highest business standards, it is in the Repís and customerís best interest not to do business with this company.

Question: Okay Bill, how long have you been in the nuclear business?

Answer: Starting with working with one of the large companies in 1974, Iíve been an independent Rep since 1989 with the same customers the whole time!