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Gamma Products 

About Gamma Products

Gamma Products has been building low background gas flow proportional counting systems for over 40 years. The current product line includes: single detector manual systems, several single detector automatic sample changer systems, multiple drawer manual systems of up to 16 detectors, and two configurations of four detector automatic changer systems. In addition, there are sample changers designed especially for field deployment both with and without the need for P-10 counting gas.

This broad product line means Gamma Products is uniquely positioned to sell what your combination of sample count times and sample loads needs, not just what we have. Long count times or samples that get batch chemistry push you toward the G540 series multiple drawer manual systems. Short count times push you toward the automatic sample changers. Short to moderate count times, along with a heavy sample loads push you toward the multiple detector changers for the capacity.

ALL Gamma Products a/B systems in the field can be upgraded to the latest configurations. Some manufactures may leave you hanging with unsupported systems trying to force you to buy new but Gamma Products will always update their systems at very considerable savings over buying new.

All of Gamma Products laboratory systems come installed with an on-site warranty. Gamma realizes that we both benefit from getting off on the right foot.

Hardware advantages:

A time proven reliable sample changer mechanisms is at the heart of successful field operation. While some manufactures keep changing their mechanical system Gamma Products just keeps refining their simple but effective approach and has spent years on those improvements.

The cartridge and carrier system Gamma has used since the beginning is both reliable and durable. It is also easy to live with in the lab. The cartridge makes it easy to handle and load sample sets. No more dropping the poker chips, finding a step stool to reach up and over tall rails, no dealing with batch plates. A spare cartridge allows you to easily prepare a second set of samples while another set of samples is counting. The cartridge also provides a true random access capability freeing you to randomly mix counting protocols within the set. This is especially handy for mixing in QA samples and doing automatic multiple counts within a single sample load.

Gamma' s gas flow detectors are built in house to specifications optimized for a/B counting. All 2-1/4 inch detectors have dual wires for uniform electric fields and uniform efficiency over the whole sample. Our standard detector size is oversize to some other manufactures! our "2 inch" detectors are actually 2-1/4 inches to minimize the effects of sample positioning inconsistency

MCA based analysis Gamma Products pioneered the use of laboratory MCA's in a/B counting systems. The MCA spectrum makes it easy to determine exactly where to set your lower level discriminator and where to set your alpha to beta cross over. You can always see exactly what tradeoff you are making between background and efficiency and between efficiency and cross talk. You don't have to fly blind any more or laboriously do multiple set up tests.

The standard PC controller is low on cost but high on flexibility and performance. You benefit from all the advances in display, storage, printing, and networking for your a/B system but at consumer market prices. The system stores all data in an MS-access database format and all reporting is done from the database via Crystal Reports templates.

Software advantages

Gamma pioneered the use of "Sample Type" files to define counting protocols. The sample types let you easily predefine all the parameters for multiple laboratories counting protocols. Count time, mode, efficiency, background, weight correction, units and reporting format are all defined so that the operator potential for mistakes is minimized. Password options also help you enforce procedures by limiting who can modify predetermined Types. The Sample information screen is a simple user interface that lets you define which sample is where in the cartridge, what sample Type to use and what sequence to count the samples in. Sample "Status" parameter available to the user for each sample makes for easy identification of samples as: unknown, background, process blank, spike, split, or source. This extra information and controlled counting of these specific samples is a great help in getting your QA data easily and automatically integrated into the database for total user flexibility in reporting.

Updates and product enhancements are also easily done with a software distribution.




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