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a/B Systems

Single Detector Manual

The G510 (1-1/4 inch detector ) and G520 (2-1/4 inch detector) provide an economical system for people with limited sample loads but who can not compromise on the background or efficiency of the measurement. G510/520 systems can be upgraded in the field to fully automatic systems is your needs increase.


Single Detector Auto Changer (50)

The G5010, (1-1/4 inch detector) and G5020 (2-1/4 inch detector) automatic systems address the need to free up the operator while a set of samples processes. Reporting options let you choose between individual report per sample or a batch oriented report.

Swipes, air filters, and some water samples are typical applications.

(Available for 1 inch, 2 inch or 5 inch diameter samples, 30, 40, or 50 sample capacity and up to 3/16 planchet depths)



Single Detector Auto Changer (50 Tower)

The Tower model is much the same as the console model but with dual cartridges of 25 samples each which can accommodate planchets up to 1/4 inch deep for water samples where the solid concentrations require you load up to 15ml of sample before drying. Note: The deeper sample depth has drawbacks in efficiency and cross talk you may wish to avoid if your sample prep does not really require it.

The Tower model is not available with a 5 inch diameter detector.



Single Detector Auto Changer (100 Tower)

The 100 Tower is just a higher production volume version of the 50 tower.


Auto-Quad (4x25)

The G5410, (1-1/4 inch detector) and G5420 (2-1/4 inch detector) AutoQUAD systems address the needs of high volume labs. The measurement performance is the same as the single detector systems but the throughput is quadrupled. The counting detectors are arranged in a 2x2 pattern with a common guard detector. All gas flow is in parallel so that if one detector window fails the other 3 are not compromised

Not many labs need this capacity, but if you do, there is a dramatic initial cost savings vs the same capacity in individual systems and a continuing savings in reduced labor.

Large air sampling programs and large D&D programs are typical applications.



Auto-Quad 400 (100x25)

The G5420-100T, also known as the AutoQUAD 400, Has the ability to load and process 400 samples in a set is a further capacity expansion on the base AutoQUAD. It's not for everyone but is a productivity workhorse if you can keep it busy. Note that 100 sets at 10min count time each fills up the two back shifts leaving the day shift open for reporting, unloading, reloading, and QA.


Traveler high performance portable

The TRAVELER is a deployable version of our laboratory based console systems. The lead shielding was carefully minimized in a special cast design that has absolutely minimal effect on background while reducing the system weight to <400 lbs. The TRAVELER can be easily dissembled, deployed, and reassembled by a 2 man crew with a SUV in <1 hr, not including travel.


Mini-T very portable no Gas!

The Mini-T is a quick screening system for use when transportability if of maximum concern. The detector is a scintillation type with no gas required. This does have a significantly higher beta background than the gas flow systems but it comes in a compact package that can be checked as standard commercial airline baggage.

The Mini-T provides the advantage of automation and PC reporting relative to other similar scintillation systems that are totally manual.

The Mini-T is the one system that does not automatically come with installation and on site warranty.


16 Detector Manual

Sometimes samples come in or are prepared in batches and need to be counted immediately - not waiting in the queue of a single detector system. For these applications the G540 manual systems come in 4, 8, 12, and 16 detector configurations and with either one inch or two inch detectors. We can also supply systems with a single five inch detector per drawer and can mix and match detector drawers in the same system.

G540 systems come with independent start-stop and independent voltage for each drawer so that it can be deployed against a simultaneous mix of sample types. The drawers have their own independent gas distribution and control and have a parallel gas flow so that a window failure or dirt contamination does not interrupt the operation of the other detectors in the drawer or in the system

If you start with less that 16 detector you can upgrade in the field to the full 16 or some step in between.

Gamma NEVER ends support for our systems in the field!


Sample Changers


Marinelli Changer

Since its initial introduction in 1979 the G3000 has become the de-facto standard for a Marinelli changer. One unique advantage of the G3000 for Marinelli beakers is that it handles them from the bottom. This eliminates problems with gripping the containers or dropping them. It also side steps most of the alignment problems associated with other handling methods. The G300 can also easily adapt to other large container sample geometries with adapters.

The G3000 has self-contained PC smarts and runs as an RS232 slave device to the MCA's computer system. The G3000 comes in sizes ranging from 16 inches cube to 24 inches cube for different sizes of Marinelli's.. The auto door completes near 4pi shielding (except the detector entry) G3000 are available in lead or steel construction depending on what you are looking for in your samples.



Ra-228 via gamma spec changer

The Ra-228 changer is a combination of the shield from the standard G300 Marinelli changer system with the elevator from the a/B systems. The application is specific: Ra-228 analysis for drinking water based on a precipitated planchet sample. The internal component materials are specified and selected for minimum background contribution in the areas of interest for Ra-228. This system also offers a dry nitrogen or dead air purge system for sample storage to minimize the radon daughter contamination contribution.




G-11 round shield - graded lead

The G-11 is a classic round design with an 11 inch diameter by 16 inch high cavity. Typically there is a split top with one half swinging each way but a single piece top can be supplied. All standard detectors can be accommodated but the in-line or stream-line detector configurations without a pre-amp box are the easiest.

The G-11, shown, has the optional "slot" which is a removable plug that joins the detector entrance hole in the bottom to an extended vertical opening on the front of the shield. This allows vertical dipstick detectors to be easily installed and removed from the shield without removing it from the dewar. If you have ever been scared of damaging a detector because you have to pull on the end cap far harder than you are comfortable pulling, just to get it out of the shield or later fight to get that now frosted-up dipstick back into a tight LN2 fill collar, you will appreciate this little piece of low tech safety & convenience.


Roll top - steel or graded lead

Roll Top - shield is the classic shield form factor before the round G-11 style became popular, Roll Tops can be made with lead or steel walls typically in 4 or 6 inch thickness. Common ID sizes are: 12x12x12, 12x12x16 tall, 16x16x16 and 24x24x24 but almost any size can be made to order. A "slot" as described above in the G-11 description is also optional with the Roll Top


J-shield - graded lead

The G-11 J version is an adaptation for the low background J or NPR germanium detector cryostat configurations. Shield performance in high background areas is improved. For ultra low counting applications shielding from the relatively higher background detector components such as the vacuum sieve and pre-amp components makes a meaningful improvement. Access to the cavity for sample loading and unloading is lower and most people think easier but the floor space requirements is approximately double relative to the standard G-11.




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