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Bladewerx is a start-up nuclear instrumentation company targeting portable and fixed alpha air monitoring applications. Bladewerx's special advantage is that while a new company it is staffed by all old hands. Bladewerx  brings to the market an innovative radon background compensation methodology using peak-shape fitting that provides state-of-the-art sensitivity surpassing the ROI and tail-fitting methods. This method surpasses the ROI and tail-fitting methods.

Bladewerx office in Rio Rancho NM (Albuquerque)


The Bladewerx Sabre ASC is a field deployable alpha sample counter that provides high-sensitivity alpha activity determinations on filters or swipes with real time compensation for radon-daughter background.

  • Activity and spectrum logging
  • Automatic min-count time determination
  • Live “strip chart” display of activity, MDA, action level, and elapsed time.


The Bladewerx Sabre Alert is a lightweight, battery-powered, alpha air monitor that can be used as a portable workplace monitor.  A self-contained pump, built-in detector head, and battery operation, allow the ultimate in alpha air monitoring portability.

With the WiFi wireless networking option installed, and built-in RadNet support, multiple Sabre Alerts can report readings up to 300 feet away to a RadNet client workstation.

  • Typical sensitivity- 0.5DAC-h Chronic & 50DAC-h Acute with <1 false alarm/2000 h of operation
  • Increased sensitivity means faster alarm response
  •  DAC, DAC-Hr, and spectrum logging
  • Wireless 802.11b network option for RadNet compliance
  • Can be plumbed to house vacuum or external pump.

The Bladewerx Sabre BZM is a lightweight, battery-powered, alpha air monitor that can be worn on the body, inside of protective garments and its sampling head clipped to the lapel. The proximity of the sampling head to the wearer’s mouth means more accurate breathing zone dose assessments.

  • WiFi wireless networking option
  • total spectral fitting for Rn compensation
  • Voice annunciation of status & dose for hands-free operation
  • DAC, DAC-Hr, and spectrum logging
  • Typical sensitivity of 1.5 DAC-h Chronic & 45 DAC-h Acute <1 false alarm/2000 h of operation



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