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How is working with a manufacture's representative good for me as a customer?

Welcome to your radiation detection and measurement Web site!

Here, you can get help and find solutions for most any of your radiation detection and measurement problems. Phoenix takes great pride in presenting the companies, products and services we represent. Whether you are looking for a complete nuclear counting system or just planning on expanding or updating components of an existing system, Phoenix is here to help you.

Phoenix represents a coordinated set of companies to assist you in configuring a complete gamma spectroscopy system from the counting shield or sample changer, through the detector, MCA, and analysis software. Complementing technologies, such as low background α/β counting systems, portable MCA systems, air monitors, contamination monitors, and laundry monitors, are also available from Phoenix.

Phoenix serves customers in diverse areas such as Environmental monitoring, Health Physics, Safeguards, Nuclear research, Nuclear power generation, Education, and a broad range of other applications using nuclear technology.

If your work involves any of these technologies or instrument types please call and let us help you.

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